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All students participating in interscholastic sports at the middle or high school level are required to have an annual physical examination by an outside physician before they are allowed to participate.  The school nurse will review the results of each student’s physical examination prior to tryouts.  The medical recommendation of the school nurse is required in order for a student to participate in an interscholastic sport. 


The Board policy of non-discrimination on the basis of disability applies to all aspects of the decision-making process, and the purpose of this policy is to seek to protect the safety and well being of Trumbull students participating in interscholastic sports.



Approved:  10/16/73

Revised:  10/05/99, 05/21/02, 08/18/09


5152/ Interscholastic Sports Physicals



1.Annual physical examinations by a physician must be received prior to tryouts during the school year.


2.“Abnormal physical condition” shall be defined as any condition, detected by a physician during a sports examination, which would tend to cause or produce any physical or emotional problem during school athletic practices or competitions.


3.In the event that the physician performing a physical examination of a student determines the presence of an abnormal physical condition, the student may be disqualified from participation in interscholastic athletics.


4.A student with an abnormal physical condition may participate in an interscholastic sport if the physician, in consultation with the Athletic Director and the school nurse, determines that the condition is asymptomatic or controlled, whether by medication or otherwise, and provided that the parent or guardian signs the waiver form holding the school district harmless from liability in connection with any injury or illness resulting from such condition.


5.All students participating in interscholastic athletics must have on file a signed Permission Slip providing permission from the parent or guardian for the school to obtain medical care for the student in the event of illness or injury, and a waiver of liability in favor of the school district in connection with any injury or illness sustained or aggravated during participation in interscholastic athletics.


6.Any student sustaining an injury or developing an illness during the sport season must provide a medical release from a personal physician in order to return to the sport for the remainder of the season, or to another sport for the following season.  A medical release signed by the personal physician will be reviewed by the school nurse, the trainer, and the Athletic Director, who will determine whether, in their discretion, the student may return to the sport for the remainder of the sport season, or to another sport for the following season.





  • Trumbull Board of Education Policy:

Interscholastic Athletic Policy, Policy Code:  5150